Invisalign Lethbridge

Crooked teeth can cause chronic headaches, tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. They can lead to insecurity and lack of self-esteem. The development of dental technology allows medical professionals to straighten teeth, improving oral health, confidence, and appearance.

Top treatment options include clear braces, orthodontics, and conventional braces. Among the solutions, Invisalign is on top of the list. What is Invisalign? What makes our services worth the cost?

Invisalign In Lethbridge

What Is Invisalign? 

As the name indicates, the removable aligner is an invisible and metal-free alternative to orthodontic braces. Used by dentists and orthodontists, Invisalign is a great way to transform one’s smile without affecting the quality of living. It includes a series of reusable aligners a patient can change every two weeks. Wear it within 20 or 20 hours per day. 

What Makes Our Invisalign Braces Different? 

In the past years, we remain dedicated to supporting dental practitioners, and patients achieve a custom-made and clear aligner.

Our Invisalign trays are clear, making them a perfect option for people of all ages. The discomfort of wearing brackets and wires will no longer be a dilemma. The fit or size is excellent, and there are no extruding or sharp edges. The aligners are removable and fun to clean. The appointment saves time as a single consultation is worthwhile. Plus, food restrictions with other orthodontic treatment won’t be a concern. 

Our Fast & Simple Procedures:

A Consultation Appointment Lethbridge Dentistry Invisalign

Are you a good candidate for Invisalign? What are the other treatments to straighten your teeth? How much is the cost? What are the tips in using removable aligners? 

We will try to answer all these queries during the consultation. When a patient doesn’t qualify, we have other tested and proven alternatives. Our team won’t leave everyone behind. Clients are sure to receive extra care and attention throughout the process. 

Treatment Plan

After the cosmetic dentistry appointment, our team starts to create and develop a responsive and efficient treatment plan. Then, we present the outcome for approval. We’re open to constructive criticisms. Our specialists are flexible, open-minded, responsible, and passionate. 

We document the photos of teeth and include possible treatment duration. 

Custom Aligners Development 

We now manufacture the aligners of your size. Once it’s done, the qualified dentists from Lethbridge Dentists will place the resin attachment on specific teeth. We suggest our patients wear the aligners for a week or two before using the nest set. This ensures the best result over time. 

Why Work With the Expert at Lethbridge Dentists! 

Personalized Treatment – Lethbridge Dentists doesn’t have a standard Invisalign. We create a personalized treatment plan to deliver the fastest, the highest quality, and the finest results. We listen to what clients have to say, treat them as a family, and target specific dental problems. 

Innovative/Advanced Technology – Since establishment, we’ve been striving to offer guaranteed results, and our technology makes our goal possible. Our equipment composes of digital impression systems, x-rays, and other cutting-edge tools. Invisalign Dental Clinic Lethbridge

Competitively Priced Aligners – Our Invisalign is cost-effective and ideal for patients who don’t have enough budget. There are no surprises, too. Our fees are upfront. 

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