Lethbridge Mouth Guards

General Dentistry Mouth Guards LethbridgeWould you like to keep your healthy smile? Suffering from any dental issues? Gladly, we have the best team that provides the best Lethbridge dental services that you and your family need. Our Lethbridge dental clinic is composed of friendly and professionals in the field of dentistry. Thus, they are experienced and trained in providing exceptional services

Even before you ask help for our professional dentists, you must observe some precautions that will help you avoid experiencing any dental issue. Our team is not just capable of giving treatments to any oral abnormalities or diseases. They are also the best in giving advice on how to take good care of your teeth properly.

The use of a mouth guard is among that prevention that you can have. So, instead of worrying about the possible injury that you might get while playing your sport, why not follow the suggestion of most dental clinics out there – wear a mouth guard and play safe!

Is A Mouth Guard Safe For Your Braces?

There are several types of mouth guards, depending on its use. Are you one of those folks wearing braces for your teeth? That serves its purpose as well. So, the question now is, can you also wear a mouth guard even though you have your braces?

No problem, there is a particular mouth guard which is specifically designed for those folks with braces. This type of mouth guard is thin, and the good thing about this is that you can have it remold for your shifting teeth.Mouth Guards Lethbridge Dentists

In line with this, we are pleased to help you explore how you’ll be able to fit your mouth guard with your braces. Please read on for more insights.

  •   Be sure that you are wearing the right size. Ask our Lethbridge dentist about it.
  •   Consider using the mouth guard for the bottom teeth. Usually, mouth guards are used on top teeth, but if you are wearing braces, our team recommends that you must buy an additional guard that will fit your teeth (bottom) to avoid your lips being cut on its brackets. Moreover, for wrestling sports, it requires both top and bottom guards.
  •   Use a barrier in between the guard and brackets. There is a need for you to cover its brackets with an aluminum foil or with dental wax. The custom- mouth guard will fit perfectly for you. Our dental team will use a barrier for the fitting process. Yes, you heard it right! It is only during the fitting, and once done, you can just use the mouth guard over your braces.
  •   If your teeth are shifting, you need to refit the mouth guard. It is moldable for a maximum of 20 times. Ask help with the out dental team to have a guard refit and adjustment.

Lethbridge Mouth Guards Near MeFor more questions about mouth guards and how to properly use them, don’t be reluctant to call our denatl office. With the dental experts in Lethbridge, AB rest assured that we can find ways to address any dental issue you are experiencing. Avail our dental services, take care of your teeth, and smile confidently!