Lethbridge Dental X-Rays

Dental Xray Lethbridge Near MeHaving a dental X-rays once a year is part of a regular dental check-up. Our professional Lethbridge dentists use the X-ray results to look for cavities or see any fillings you may have.

When it comes to your safety, we put a lead apron on you to protect you from radiation during the procedure. The good thing about dental X-rays is that it produces only minimal radiation compared to traditional X-rays. So, most of our patients have no hesitation to get the quicj and easy procedure done.

In case you undergo a dental implant procedure, our dentist in Lethbridge will then schedule and perform a dental X-ray. This procedure is taken before the implant to serve as an essential preventive measure. That is because it can detect potential issues with your teeth, mouth, or jaw. Interestingly, the procedure will only take a few seconds, and you will feel no pain.

No matter what type of dental care services you are into, you need to get dental X-rays. Below are good reasons why you need our dental X-ray procedures:

  •  Identify Dental Problems Early

As you probably know, several dental issues can only be detected through dental X-rays. Cysts and tumors are some of these problems that need to diagnosed early. That way, our dentists can help you prevent the symptoms to begin or have better chances of recovery.

  • Proper Dental Care Plan

We use dental X-rays to plan a General dentistry treatment or procedure properly. For example, you will undergo a dental implant. Our dentists will use the results to find the roots of the adjacent teeth, sinus cavities, and nerves. As we map out the hidden structures early, we can prevent potential complications like nerve damage during the surgery.

  • Improve the Benefits Of Particular TreatmentsLethbridge Dental Xray

By simply looking at your teeth, you can tell whether they are crooked or not. However, be aware that almost a third of our tooth is invisible. So, before our dentists can start dental treatment, they need to take dental X-rays so that they can effectively evaluate the condition of your entire tooth, gums, and jaw. As we properly plan the right dental treatment, you can enjoy more of its benefits and improve your overall oral health.

We Use Digital Dental X-Rays For Safer & More Convenient Procedure

As the technology for the dental care industry continues to advance, we make sure that we adapt to these changes. We utilize digital dental X-rays to ensure safer, more convenient procedures.

Through our advanced dental X-rays, we can effectively capture the image of your mouth, which includes your sinuses, teeth, and jaw joints. We can also produce a 3D image of your teeth, bone, nerves, and tissues.

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Lethbridge Dental Xray CostWe serve to be your best dentists in Lethbridge area ensuring overall dental health. We strive to give you the best professional dental care services. As you get our dental X-rays, we make sure that you will experience safety and convenience.

Always remember that dental X-rays are an essential step when getting any dental treatments. Call us today to learn more about the procedure.