Lethbridge Dental Exams

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important. You can do that by taking good care of your mouth with getting regular dental exams. Kids should be brought in for dental examinations as young as one to two years old. Adults should visit their dentist in Lethbridge, AB twice a year to prevent dental problems. Regular dental exams can help detect and treat potential dental issues early.

A general dentist and experienced dental assistant will conduct the exam. A dental hygienist will be included in the team if you’re scheduled for teeth cleaning. The examination will start by taking a look at your medical history and file. You will be asked questions regarding the medications, vitamin supplements, and herbs you are taking, a medical condition you are suffering from, and treatment you are undergoing, information about alcohol and drug consumption, as well as allergies. You may talk about any dental treatments you have taken in the past. This data will help us create a treatment plan for any problems that we may discover during the exam.

Your Lethbridge dentist will also inspect your tongue, teeth, jaw, and gums. X-rays will be used to detect underlying problems and abnormalities that can’t be detected by visual inspection. If there’s not a major problem, your teeth will be cleaned. Dental cleanings help eliminate tartar build-up under the gums and on the teeth. After removing the tartar, your teeth will be polished. You will also receive advice about proper flossing and brushing methods to reduce the possibility of dental issues in the future.

Your dentist will check for common dental anomalies after cleaning your teeth. Oral cancer screening is done, as well. Oral cancer can be treated if detected early. Your dentist will discuss discoveries or problems with you. In case he detects a serious problem, he may refer you to a specialist for treatment. He may also give you extra guidance on how to take care of your teeth.

Importance Of Dental Exams

Regular dental exams can help spot potential dental problems early. This way, you can avoid extensive and expensive follow-up appointments. Go for bi-yearly dental exams instead of waiting until you can no longer bear the pain and discomfort caused by the problem. Dental exams can actually help you save a lot of money and time.

How often you should undergo dental exams depends on various factors. For instance, you need to visit your dentist once every 6 months if you have a healthy mouth and normal dental situation. You need to visit your dentist more frequently if you have an existing dental problem. For example, those who have periodontal disease have to visit their dentist often to maintain their dental hygiene and resolve issues earlier. 

By taking your kids to the dentist for dental exams early, it will be easier to convince them that dental examinations are fun. Children are more likely to associate a positive experience with the dental chair. It will be easier to convince them to visit your Lethbridge dental clinic and get a dental exam. Just remember that the frequency of dental exams depends on the health of the teeth and gums. That is why regular dental exams and practicing dental hygiene is important.

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