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Your sweet and confident smile has been our top priority since then.

Our general dentistry services bring back one’s self-esteem through a high level of oral health. Since day one, we’re passionate to offering dental services that cater to your needs and safety. We have state-of-the-art equipment, follow the industry’s sanitary practices, and modify general dentistry. Our team consists of licensed and experienced professionals that can offer guaranteed results and satisfaction.

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Our Expertise in General Dentistry 

Oral Exams and Cleanings – Millions of people don’t go to dentists because of the cost. As a trusted provider of quality dental solutions, we have price ranges for patients who are on a tight budget. Before teeth cleaning, we conduct fast oral exams to catch early signs of dental problems. Depending on the result, we now clean your teeth via the safest and the most innovative tools. 

Crowns and Bridgework – It’s frustrating to lose a tooth. You’re not alone. Millions of people experience the same thing, and we can help. Our crowns and bridgework are one of the best dental treatments to try. You can enjoy crystal-clear and sturdy teeth within minutes. 

Dental Implants – We specialize in dental implants while ensuring a pain-free experience. We replace one or more missing teeth, resolve bite problems, restore proper speech, and enhance facial tissues. Say bye to removable dentures today! 

Extractions – Tooth extractions are the last resort in dentistry. For those who suffer from deep decay, periodontal disease, or fractured teeth, extractions are ideal. The services soothe the mouth, protect the rest of the teeth, ensure better alignment, and avoid unnecessary costs in the future. General Dentistry Lethbridge

Fillings – We’re one of the dental experts in the country that provide competitively priced tooth fillings. Our rate does not change regardless of the size. We employ non-toxic solutions for your comfort. 

Oral Cancer Screenings – You’ve been suffering from persistent mouth sores, pain, a lump in the cheek, red patch on the gums, difficulty swallowing, numbness of the tongue, voice changes, bad breath, and weight loss. If yes, undergo our cancer screenings performed by licensed dentists. 

Orthodontics – Patients associate orthodontic services with metal braces. Lethbridge Dentists specializes in Invisalign, lingual braces, ceramic braces, and retainers. Upon consultation, we suggest the best option. 

Removable DenturesLethbridge Dentists understands the challenges of living with a lost tooth. So, we offer a range of solutions to restore your smile. Apart from dental implants, we have expertise in partial or complete dentures. We only apply the latest technology to deliver a custom and safe restorative dental procedure. 

Root Canal Treatment – Persistent tooth pain? Sensitivity to cold or heat? Tooth discoloration? Swollen gums? A cracked tooth? Tooth mobility? Let our Lethbridge dentists perform root canal treatment. We can save your teeth, reduce any discomfort, and make you confident. Lethbridge Dentists Contact Us

Other General Dentistry Services – We also provide quality sealants, TMD treatment, tooth decay prevention, and more. 

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