Lethbridge Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns Lethbridge DentistsEvery dental problem has a solution – let our Lethbridge dentists be the answer that will solve that problem.  We believe that we have the solution to whatever dental issue that you are facing today. This is all thanks to our incredible team of dental experts. They provide their expertise to achieve one goal – to bring back that confident smile to every client.

With this, we offer you one of the restoration procedures under our Cosmetic dentistry services – the dental crowns.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is one of the types of dental restoration that is used to cover or cap the tooth to restore it to its normal size as well as shape. Another great thing about crowns is that it will make the covered tooth to be healthier, paving its way to have a better appearance.

If in case this particular tooth can no longer conceal or support this tooth that has a large filling, it can still be of used instead of having it removed. This tooth can be used to protect another fragile tooth, be the aide to have the dental bridge attached, or be the savior of another tooth that has been severely damaged.

Dental crowns are also a great solution to conceal disfigured and discolored teeth. It is also used to conceal a dental implant, helping the tooth to achieve that natural appearance the same as what your natural teeth look like.

Taking Care Of Your Dental Crown

It can take upwards ofthree hours before a dental crown will be able to be attached. If it is the patient’s first appointment, he will be having a temporary crown first because the permanent crown is still being created. After one or two weeks, the client will set up the second appointment and have the crown permanently replaced. Before the final crown, the patient needs to take care of the temporary version for about two weeks. How? Dental Crowns Dentistry Lethbridge

Similar to what you will also be doing when you get the final version, you need to practice proper dental hygiene. Aside from routinely brushing the teeth, you should also be aware of the foods that you will eat.  Low-sugar foods are excellent, and hard candies, popcorn, ice, and others should be avoided.  If you already have the final dental crown, you can always ask your Lethbridge dentist to guide you on the proper oral care for restorations, as well as if there are any special cleaning tools that you will need.

Get That Splendor Crown With Us

Lethbridge Dentists Dental Crown ServiceNo matter how curious you are with dental crowns, you still need to undergo a dental exam to see if you are a proper candidate for one. One of our dentists will require this dental restoration only if you have cracked or weakened teeth, severely damaged tooth that was caused by decay, and others. There are a series of processes that you must undergo before your dentist confirms and required to get a crown.

For more information and guidance about our services and the advanced technology that we have, you can freely browse our website or call us at our dental clinic in Lethbridge.