Cosmetic Dentistry Lethbridge

In the past years, cosmetic dentistry has become popular as it improves dental health. The treatment is surprisingly affordable, effective, painless, and quick.

A Brief Overview

As a branch of dentistry, cosmetic dental treatment focuses on the appearance of one’s smile. It changes the size, alignment, and shape of certain teeth. It fills in unattractive spaces between teeth, improves bites, brightens smile, repairs cracked/chipped tooth, repair unreliable dental treatments, and replace a missing tooth. The team at Lethbridge Dentists can get the procedure done according to the industry’s best practices and standards. We have quick and safe treatment. Thanks to our high-end equipment and dedicated professionals. 

Our Top Specialties 

Composite Fillings 

Before, it was hard to repair a tooth affected by fractures, cracks, and decay. Lethbridge Dentists makes the process easier than you’ve thought. Our high premium solutions seal up cavity and rebuild chipped teeth. 

Our composite fillings are white. So, they match to the color of your teeth. They are ideal for front teeth and other visible areas. Similar to other dental restorations, composite fillings provide temporary results. Regular replacement is a must. Our services, however, give everyone a lasting and beautiful smile. 

When to get the composite fillings from Lethbridge Dentists? There are noticeable signs to consider the treatment. These include tooth decays, cracks, and other damages. Undergo our intensive dental screening to determine your specific needs. 

Our process is convenient. While the teeth are numb, we remove the decay before placing the composite filling. For decays near the tooth nerve, we apply a special medication for extra protection. Then, we place, shape, and polish the material. Side effects include sensitivity to hot and cold. But it’s temporary.

Porcelain Crowns 

Known as a covering, crowns encase the tooth surface, bringing back its original size and shape. Unlike the other restorations, porcelain crowns restore, strengthen, and protect a tooth structure. Among the types of crowns, the porcelain material is popular because it resembles the natural tooth enamel. It is made to match the teeth size, color, and shape. It is sturdy and can last for years. But a crown replacement should not be ignored. Cosmetic Dentistry In Lethbridge

Our porcelain crowns are used for cosmetic enhancement purposes. They are the perfect treatment for decayed teeth, fractured fillings, and broken teeth. Getting a crown requires two appointments.  The first session includes the preparation of molds. We adjust the size to achieve the perfect fit and aesthetic appeal. The mold will stay on affected teeth for a week or two. 

Our licensed dentists remove any decay and shape the surface for the crown. We will place temporary cement and check your bite. For the second appointment, we remove the crown, clean the tooth, and place the new material. We provide instructions and encourage patients to visit our clinic regularly. 

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Expertise 

Porcelain Fixed Bridges – We have several types of bridges. The porcelain fixed solutions are the most common. The bridge includes two crowns for anchoring teeth. Our dental bridges are durable and long-lasting. They help maintain facial shape, restore speaking ability, and bring back your smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Clinic LethbridgePorcelain Veneers – Our dentists also specialize in constructing porcelain veneers. We made them durable, colored, and custom-shaped to match your teeth. Our porcelain veneers are also cost-effective. 

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