Emergency Dental Lethbridge

Lethbridge Emergency Dental ServiceDental care is essential to kids, adults, and the elderly. So, regular check-ups to your Lethbridge dentist is required to maintain great dental hygiene. But sometimes you wake up at night because of the extreme tooth and gum pain.

Then, you wonder – what’s the cause of this pain? Then, you think of setting an appointment with your dentist.

That’s a good decision because of tooth or gum pain at night is an example of a dental emergency. You can determine a dental emergency by answering the following questions:

  •   Do you feel severe pain?
  •   Does your mouth bleed?
  •   Is your face or mouth injured?
  •   Do you have swelling in the face or mouth?
  •   Do you have knots, bulging, or swelling on your gums?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to call one of our Lethbridge dentists. That’s where we are good at. As an experienced and credible emergency dental service provider, we make sure to give you satisfaction. Our staff and dentists are polite to any patient, so you wouldn’t feel scared about taking your dental exams.

We assure you experience quality dental care service with the following dental emergencies:

Knocked-Out Tooth

A person who has a knocked-out tooth requires urgent attention. Our dentists and staff assist you in reinserting and preserving your tooth. We guarantee that the process efficient and hassle-free. Talk to us now to solve your dental problem.

Abscess Tooth

An abscess tooth can be very serious and alot of pain that can be even life threating if left untreated for too long. We can get you out of your pain quickly and easily. Call Us!

Cracked, Chipped, or Fractured Teeth

A chipped tooth that hurts needs the dentist’s attention at once. A fractured or cracked tooth also requires dental emergency service immediately. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you overcome your dilemma. Let our expert dentists check your teeth now!

Facial Pain Or Infection

Lacerations, puncture wounds, bleeding mouth, and tongue are considered tissue injuries. Call us right away If you experience any of these tissue injuries. Our dentists are sincere and willing to offer you the successful service you need.

We Also Provide Services For Other Dental Emergencies

We don’t limit our dental emergency services, so we also cover other dental emergencies including general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures. For example, we treat abscess that’s a life-threatening infection in the mouth. We perform root canal treatment and other procedures to enable the abscess to drain.

You can call us 24/7 and set an appointment with our dentists. Our staff are polite to all patients and offer you pain relievers while you wait for the dentist. We make sure that you receive the right and efficient treatment you deserve.

Call Us Now!Emergency Dental Lethbridge Dentists

Dental emergency needs immediate treatment at once. So, here we are to serve you and maintain your excellent oral hygiene. We take good care of your teeth through or emergency dental services. We provide the best procedures so that any operation is a success.

Don’t hesitate or wait further!

Let the professional emergency dentists in Lethbridge, Ab take care of you! Talk to us and smile all the time!